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Before & After Varicose Vein Treatment

Varicose Vein Treatment San Diego is one of the nation’s leading vein clinics and is part of a select few medical centers in California that provides the newest technology and medicine in treating and curing vascular diseases. Our team of physicians are experts their fields and have partnered together to provide their beloved patients with the absolute best, minimally invasive vein care to everyone who walks in the doors.

Patients visit us from all over the country because they have either heard about our reputation for excellence or because they have had a negative experience at another clinic and are looking for a solution. They are received with welcome arms at our clinic and taken care of from the moment they walk in the waiting room to their final discharge after treatment.

At Varicose Vein Treatment San Diego, our number one priority is helping our patients get rid of their unsightly vein disease. Unlike many other vein clinics in San Diego, we do not offer any other cosmetic services, our only focus area is vein treatment.

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Patients are treated with the compassion and dignity that every human being possesses. It is our mission to care for people from all walks of life, share in their recovery journey and become their medical partner for many years.

Our physicians are the experts in the field of vascular medicine, most of whom are educators and distinguished speakers at Vascular Medicine Medical Conferences around the world. They’ve specialized in and perfected the Radiofrequency Ablation for treating varicose veins. This revolutionary method has completely outdated the old vein stripping or phlebectomy surgeries that physicians tend to practice. Radiofrequency Ablation provides patients with faster recovery, minimal scarring and less chances for complications. It has been proven effective with thousands of our patients and is quickly changing the medical field for the better. It is our absolute pleasure to provide our community of patients with this technology and help them come back to a healthy and happier self.

Did You Know?

There are many signs and symptoms of vein disease including throbbing leg pain, leg heaviness and fatigue, itching, burning, restlessness, night cramps, edema, skin changes (stasis dermatitis), paresthesias, restless leg syndrome or skin ulcers. If you experience any of the aforementioned symptoms, please know that there is a treatment for you. You can visit our clinic for a complimentary consultation and ultrasound screening, where you meet directly with one of our vascular surgeons. It is during this appointment that you will understand what’s going on with your leg health and learn how we can help you come back to living your most comfortable and healthy life.

We are proud to announce that our vein treatments are covered by most insurances. Our team of insurance verification analysts will work with you and your insurance team to make sure that you are covered adequately and fairly.  We are currently in network with most insurances including: Medicare, MediCal, Tri Care and most PPO insurances, including Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, and United Health Care.

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